Huge Capacity. High Quality.


PLAZE Georgia manufactures over 200 million units per year to our customers in the form of the most well-made aerosols, liquids, and the latest cutting-edge bag on valve (BOV) technologies. 

Capabilities at a Glance: 

  • 175+ Million Aerosols per Year
  • 50+ Million Liquids per Year
  • 2 Manufacturing Facilites
  • 12 Aerosol Lines
  • 4 Liquid Lines
  • 2 High-speed BOV Lines

Our Facilities

Each of our two manufacturing plants is located in the United States, near interstate highways, and are among the most advanced in the industry. Our continued financial investments in our technology-based infrastructure and long-term relationships with vendors ensure that we will continue to provide our customers with the highest quality products at competitive prices. 

Aerosol Propellants & Packaging

Hydrocarbon Blends: A-108, NP-85, NP-70, NP-46, NP-31 etc. 

134a, 152a, 152a/A-108 Blend, DME, CO2, & Nitrogen, as well as any required propellant available on the market.

Under the cap (UTC) and through the valve (TTV) propellant injection methods. 

Full-range of labeling options with low minimums for printed DSC cans, lithograph,  polypropylene, paper and more.

Various attachments including peel-labels, hang-tags, hoses, etc.

Liquid Packaging

Containers of nearly any dimension with volumes from a fraction of an ounce to hundreds of gallons. 

Solvent & water based formulas with viscosities up to 80,000 cps. 

Wide variety of caps and sprayers, torque applied, glue and ratchet, anti-reverse, and induction seals.


Blending Tanks

34 tanks fitted with blenders in capacities up to 3,300 gallons.

Stainless steel, single and double wall tank construction.  

Annually-certified mass-flow meters and digital scales. 

Multiple water purification methods employed at every plant.



Bulk Storage

47 Bulk storage tanks, each with capacities up to 12,500 gallons. 

Stainless steel, carbon steel, and polyethylene tank construction.

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