Contract Packaging Expertise

PLAZE Georgia is the leading specialty chemical contract packager offering turn-key service for customers both small and large. That means we can take your formula, a competitive formula, or just your idea for a formula and turn it into a marketable product for you. Our laboratories are staffed by some of the best chemists in the business. They have the experience and equipment to develop, duplicate and test your products thoroughly before going to market. 


Whether you need to test run your product or introduce a new product in a test market, you need a packager with the ability to manufacture a limited quantity without charging a premium price. PLAZE Georgia's flexibility in all phases of production makes us uniquely qualified to run a limited number of units with the same efficiency as larger runs. Do you have special packing requirements, need promo packs, or require hand assembly? We can handle it. Our flexibility is unsurpassed. 

Because we are committed to your complete satisfaction and success, we treat each order with the same attention to detail, whether it is a customer-supplied formulation or one we've developed specially for you, ensuring the highest quality for every production run. We offer the kind of service that makes for long-lasting and profitable business relationships. Our dedication comes from the pride our employees take in doing their jobs well. Our innovative packaging technology, research, development, modern production facilities and experienced aerosol, liquid, and BOV specialists give us the resources to fulfill your total compounding, filling, packaging, and even warehousing requirements. 



In the contract packaging business it is essential that you trust your filler. You must be completely certain that your formulations, and the filler who packages them for you will remain confidential. You must also have confidence that your products will be manufactured with quality ingredients to your exact specifications. All PLAZE Georgia's products use the best components available and are manufactured to the highest standards.


Complete Quality Assurance

PLAZE Georgia's quality control department doesn't simply involve a handful of people in the company, rather it sees each employee as a part of every product that PLAZE Georgia produces. Not only are all aspects of components and finished products evaluated and inspected throughout and even after the manufacturing process, but the quality control team also continually studies new ways to move materials more quickly to cut our lead times and increase your inventory turns. Quality control begins when raw materials arrive and continues all the way through production to the shipping of packed goods, and even beyond as we retain samples of every single production run for stability testing.


Good Manufacturing Practices

Following GMPs specific to our industry, we assure each customer, large or small, that their product ships at the highest quality and care in the marketplace. 


Good Laboratory Practices

All of our laboratories are operated under GLPs with documented Standard Operating Procedures to ensure compliance. 


Total Quality Management

Encompassing our entire company, our Total Quality Management (TQM) program ensures that we meet our goal to treat each customer well and ship the highest quality products on time. 

  • Managed by degreed professional chemists.
  • Incoming materials QC checked and logged. 
  • On-line QC tests through production. 
  • Products retained and tested for stability. 
  • Analytical testing includes: Gas Chromatography, High-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC), Quat Titration, Flash Point, and product-specific tests as required by unique formulations. 


World-Class Technical Services

Our vitality in aerosol and liquid chemical manufacturing and contract packaging business is directly supported by the formulation work performed by PLAZE Georgia's highly-degreed chemists. Our labs are staffed by 11 chemists with over 200 years of combined experience in chemical formulation. We assist customers through the new product development process and produce market-ready formulations that are needed in today’s competitive global marketplace. As the marketplace continues to change rapidly, we stand firm with our commitment to keep our customers on the cutting edge of technology.


We work with existing customers to keep them informed about the changing regulatory and environmental challenges, and provide valuable assistance in reformulating when necessary. We formulate to meet not only existing compliance but with a vision for what is to come as we all strive to better protect the environment.


In-House Art Department

Our in-house art department is staffed by professional graphic artists whose experience in the industry make them uniquely capable of assisting customers as they develop new labels and marketing material or update existing ones.

Cutting-Edge Research and Development

Over the years, PLAZE Georgia has built its business through great efforts made in constant research and development of new products and methods. As a result, our product range has grown to include janitorial, sanitation, insecticide, industrial, cosmetic, automotive and household items for both small companies and Fortune 500 companies, and everyone in between. Our vitality and staying power in the specialty chemical contract packaging business are testaments to the exceptional formulation work performed in-house by our research and development department.

Our experienced chemists continue to develop new and exciting formulas utilizing our advanced laboratories to assist customers in developing new market-ready products that match their needs in a competitive market. With the marketplace constantly changing due to new regulations, it takes a company with the technical caliber of PLAZE Georgia to not only keep up, but stay ahead. By retaining staff chemists, we are able to provide valuable feedback and counsel to our customers. Problems that typically take months to correct can be avoided when partnered with PLAZE Georgia, an experienced manufacturer.


Turn-key solutions for customers of every size.

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Process Overview: 


Concept & Discovery

Constant research and development, as well as decades of experience helping customers bring products to market help us consult customers as they consider new products or refreshes of existing products. 



Leveraging our experienced chemists and capital investments in cutting-edge technology we have the tools and expertise to efficiently and competitively develop chemistry, sourcing, labels, artwork, marketing plan, packaging, etc. with our customers.



With decades of experience and degreed staff chemists, we perform stability testing, efficacy testing, EPA registration, and VOC compliance in light of likely future regulation.



Optimized for efficient small and large runs, we carefully manage scheduling, logistics, and constantly perform QC checks.



Often, retail sales or direct mail to consumers requires kitting, hang-tags, QR codes and other POS marketing tools. We are equipped to handle on-line assembly and or tagging of products.